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By: Blog Post | November 11, 2017

Subject: "Cleaning House"

Form: Any, 20 lines max

Sponsor: Lori Goetz

These need to be sent to Pete Harris by 11/20.

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By: Blog Post | October 15, 2017

Something New Poetry Round Robins

Please see the attached flyer, and respond to Lori Goetz if you’re interested in participating.

Poetry Round Robins

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By: Blog Post | October 15, 2017

The 2016 Mid-South Poetry Festival took place on October 7, 2017

Please click here to see the Winner's List!

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By: Blog Post | July 29, 2017

September - "Humor on the Dance Floor" Any form. 40 lines max. Karen Kestner, sponsor.

November - Any subject. Any form. 40 lines max. William H. King, sponsor.

December - "Cleaning House" 20 Lines max. Lori Goetz, sponsor.

January - Details to be announced. Randy Stoker, sponsor.

February - "When I'm 64" or "When I Was 64" whichever is appropriate. Any form. 10-40 lines. Russell H. Strauss, sponsor.

March - Blank Verse. Any subject. 40 lines max. Janet Qually, sponsor.

April - Details to be announced. Pete Harris, sponsor.

May - Details to be announced. Sarah Hull Gurley, sponsor. 

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By: Blog Post | June 03, 2017

The 2017 Poetry Society of Tennessee Festival Brochure is now available. Download a copy and find a contest that is calling you! Our Festival will be held October 7, 2017 and our guest speaker will be Ron Whitehead. Please join us at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn for a great day!

See details in the brochure link:

2017 Poetry Society of Tennessee Festival Brochure

By: Blog Post | June 03, 2017

Date: June 4

Time: 4:00 pm

Place: Celtic Crossing


Our June Poetry Reading will be held on Sunday June 4 at 4 pm at Celtic Crossing at the corner of Cooper and Oliver Streets. Celtic Crossing has one of the best restaurant patios in town that we can use this time of year. This location should please those who want an outside reading this year. The patio is partially covered, so rain is not be a problem. If it rains, we will be in the covered section of the patio. Celtic Crossing has no music on Sunday afternoon at this time, and because we will be outside (and away from the bar) the noise level will be low.


Both restrooms and food are available. We have set this reading at 4:00 so that that when we have our half time break, th...

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By: Blog Post | May 07, 2017

Criteria: Beauty of Nature. Any Form. 40 line limit.

Sponsor: Sarah Hull Gurley

1st: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX - "Of Cabbage Crowns and Dreams"

2nd: Frances Cowden, Cordova, TN - "Searching for Beauty"

3rd: Russell H. Strauss, Memphis, TN - "Late Afternoon Wedding, Hot Springs"

1HM: J. Pompford "Pete" Harris, Memphis, TN - "Bits of Beauty"

2HM: Lori Goetz, Germantown, TN - "One Hundred Wings"

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By: Blog Post | March 30, 2017

don’t fade

Jarvis Johnson, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia Bodgal, teacher

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By: Blog Post | March 26, 2017


Judge: Whitney Brinkley Wright

1st: Balloon, Ella Gamble, Edmondson Elementary School, A. Long

2nd: A Girlie Girl Color, Allison Totty, Richland Elementary, Louise Clark

3rd: Forest, Trinity Crowder, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia  Bogdal

4th: Tiger, A’Marion Bolden, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia Bogdal

HM: A Forest of Thought, Crosswind Elementary, Mrs. Sludor

HM: Basketball, Tiyana Warren, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia Bogdal

Merit: Eyes,  Alan Cheng, Dogwood Elementary, Michelle Sludor

Middle School:

Judge: Lori Goetz

1st: Ars Poetica, Connor Chockley, Snowden School, Elaine Waters

2nd: Another, Minnathi Reddivari, White Station Middle School, Karla Varriano...

By: Blog Post | March 26, 2017

Criteria: Any subject. Any Form. 10-40 lines

Sponsor: Beverly Seaton

1st: Russell H. Strauss, Memphis, TN - "Mule Cart"

2nd: Pete Harris, Memphis, TN - "Love of Life"

3rd: Janice Hornburg, Johnson City, TN - "Last Maple"

1HM: Frances Cowden - Cordova, TN "The Spirit Speaks"

2HM: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR - "Finding Peace"

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Photos and results from the 2016 National Convention

By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Russell Strauss has created this opportunity for poets to draft a poem that will be eligible for the National Contest and garner collegial feedback in ample time for revision. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the challenge of the month and bring 10 copies of your poem to the meeting at 1:30 to participate in the peer review.

    TBA (chosen by group leader)
Feb.     #48. Texas: Bedrock, any form, 36
Mar.     #44.  Gingerbread Poets of AR. Appropriate subject, Spoon River, 40

Extra challenge:  #43.  Wyoming.  Any, any, 40.

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

The 2016 Mid-South Poetry Festival took place on the first Saturday of October.

Click here to see the Winner's List!

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Subject: America the Beautiful

Any Form. 40 lines.

Sponsor: Russell Strauss

1st: Janet Qually, Memphis, TN - "Standing Together"
2nd: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX - "Highways"
3rd: Lori Anne Goetz, Germantown, TN - "Wilderness"
1HM: Jeanine Mah, Memphis, TN - "One National Indivisible"
2HM: Gail Denham, Sunriver, OR - "Flying Our Flag"
3HM: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR - "A Land Blessed"

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Criteria: Any Subject. Blank verse. 40 lines.

Sponsored by Janet Qually

1st: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX -“Quilting Memories”

2nd: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR”- From Farm Beginnings”

3rd: Florence Bruce, Memphis –  “Pathological”

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

1st: Lori Goetz, Germantown, TN – “New Specs”

HM: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX “I’ll Skin It and Make Boots”

HM: Charles Firmage, Boise, ID – “Rain Girl"

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Criteria: Winter Solstice

Any Form. 16 lines.

Sponsor: Lori Goetz

1st: Russell Strauss, Memphis, TN – “Turning”

2nd: Janet Qually, Memphis, TN – “In the Natural Cycle of Time”

3rd: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX – “Morning Glory”

1 HM: Ann Carolyn Cates, Southaven, MS – “The Longest Night”

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Criteria: Teaching (any interpretation)

Any form. 30 lines.

Sponsor: Leslie: Blakeburn

1st: “To a First Grade Teacher”  – Sara Gipson, Scott, AR

2nd: “Time Together”  – Charles K.  Firmage, Boise, ID

3rd: “Child Care”  –  Florence Bruce,  Memphis TN

1HM:  “The silence of Leaving”  – Russell H. Strauss, Memphis, TN

2HM:  “ By Example” – Lori Goetz,  Germantown,

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

1st: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR – “View of a Summer Day”

2nd: Gail Denham, Sunriver, OR –  “Fall’s Cerebration”

3rd:  Lori Goetz, Germantown, TN –  “Red Rocket, Unpruned”

1H: Mac Perry, Brownsville, TN – “Hello”

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By: Blog Post | February 27, 2017

This contest is for members only. Please contact us to join!

April: The Inside Out Award: "What you see when you look in the mirror, real or imagined." Any Form. 40 lines maximum.

Sponsored by Barbara Blanks

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