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By: Blog Post | November 18, 2018

Janet Qually was presented with a plaque as this year's Poet Laureate of The Poetry Society of Tennessee.

Alongside Janet, JoAn Howerton, 2018-2019 PST President, holds a Proclamation that was presented to The Poetry Society of Tennessee from Jim Strickland, Mayor of The City of Memphis, proclaiming October 15, 2018 to be National Poetry Day throughout The City of Memphis.

By: Blog Post | January 06, 2018

The Eye-Poem was invented by Kenneth L. Beaudoin. The idea was to create a collage using visual and verbal imagery. A free verse poem is constructed by combining images from magazine pages with words, phrases and clauses to create a poem on one page. The objective is to create a mood or inspiration. Do not write a poem first and then look for pictures.  The poem is a discovery of words that fit with the graphics. You should be able to read the poem three feet away.


1. Find a picture or pictures up to 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Vertical is best.

2. Go through one or more magazines and find words or phrases etc. that remind you of the graphics (pictures). Cut the words out neatly and place on the page of  graphics. Do not use words ...

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