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1. The deadline for Grades 6-12 is December 5, 2017; Elementary and Eye-Poem is February 5, 2018.  No exceptions.

2. The competition is open to all TENNESSE students in grades 2-12. Public, private, and homeschools are eligible.

3. Submit two copies of each poem. Put the division (elementary, junior or senior) in the upper left corner of both copies. One copy must have student's ID in upper right corner. The ID information is student name, school name and address, student grade level, and the student's language arts/English teacher's. No font larger than 12 point should be used.

4. Each poem must be neatly typed or computer-generated, and have no more than 35 lines including space lines with no line having more than 60 characters including spaces and punctuation. Every poem entered should appear on a single sheet. Do not staple the two copies of the poem together. Place the poem without the name in one pile and the identified poems in the other

5. There should be no large or unusual fonts or illustrations. Times New Roman is the suggested font. Entrant must make a declaration of originality. The statement should appear on the bottom of the ID copy only. The form below is acceptable:

I certify that this poem is my original work, and has not been copied in whole or part from any author's poems in print or posted on the Internet.

Signed: __________________________________________

Send entries to FRANCES COWDEN, STUDENT CONTEST, 8432 Wood Shadows Ln. Cordova, TN. 38018 to be received by the deadlines. Email to for questions or requests for hand delivery.

One original Eye-Poem--8 1/2 x 11--or color copy per student should be mailed to Frances Cowden by February 5, 2018. Identification information should be taped lightly to the back of the art poem.

Please also make sure to include the teacher's contact information.

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