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By: Blog Post | May 28, 2018

 Month SponsorSubject Form Line Limits
 September Florence Bruce
 Any Serious
 Rondeau As prescribed by form
 $15, 10, 5, 1HM
(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)
 November Lori Goetz
 Any, but must contain at least 5 different colors; get out that thesaurus and be descriptive (don't just use red, blue, green, etc.)
 Any 20 max
 $25, 15, 10
 December JoAn Howerton (to be judged by Crystal Robbins Czerwinski)
 Holiday Theme
 Shakespearean Sonnet
 As prescribed by form
 $25, 15, 10, HM
 January William King
 Any Any 40 max
 $15, 10, 5, HM
 February Russell Strauss
 The title of any Elvis song. Please specify the song.
 Any 10-30 lines
 $15, 10, 5
 March Janet Qually
 Any Blank Verse
 10-40 lines
 $15, 10, 5
 April Sarah Gurley
 Spring Surprise
 None TBD
 May PST-NE Any Any 40 max
 $25, 15, 10

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