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By: Blog Post | June 03, 2017

Date: June 4

Time: 4:00 pm

Place: Celtic Crossing


Our June Poetry Reading will be held on Sunday June 4 at 4 pm at Celtic Crossing at the corner of Cooper and Oliver Streets. Celtic Crossing has one of the best restaurant patios in town that we can use this time of year. This location should please those who want an outside reading this year. The patio is partially covered, so rain is not be a problem. If it rains, we will be in the covered section of the patio. Celtic Crossing has no music on Sunday afternoon at this time, and because we will be outside (and away from the bar) the noise level will be low.


Both restrooms and food are available. We have set this reading at 4:00 so that that when we have our half time break, those who wish can purchase supper. Prices are reasonable and the food is good. Russell particularly recommends their fish and chips as the best in town. He also says that that those who for religious or dietary reasons would not be able to order food should not be reluctant to come. For those who are interested in dining out, Russell encourages as many members as possible to order since Celtic Crossing has been nice enough to host us. We should be finished well before dark for those who are reluctant to drive at night. On previous occasions, we have gained new members when people heard us read in outside venues like this. Come early to avoid parking problems.


Poets should bring four poems to read whenever possible, though the actual number we will read will depend, of course, on how many attend.


This will be a truly enjoyable event – please encourage as many people to attend as possible. Feel free to bring family members and friends, not only to provide an audience for our reading but also to enjoy the fine food and atmosphere.


Mark your calendars and see you there!

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