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By: Blog Post | November 18, 2018

Janet Qually was presented with a plaque as this year's Poet Laureate of The Poetry Society of Tennessee.

Alongside Janet, JoAn Howerton, 2018-2019 PST President, holds a Proclamation that was presented to The Poetry Society of Tennessee from Jim Strickland, Mayor of The City of Memphis, proclaiming October 15, 2018 to be National Poetry Day throughout The City of Memphis.

By: Blog Post | October 07, 2018


1. The deadline for Grades 6-12 is December 7, 2018; Elementary and Eye-Poem is February 15, 2019. 

2. The competition is open to all TENNESSE students in grades 2-12. Public, private, and home schools are eligible.

3. Submit two single spaced copies of each poem. 12 point font is preferred.  Put the division (elementary, junior or senior) in the upper left corner of both copies. One copy must have student's ID in upper right corner. The ID information is student name, school name and address, student grade level, and the student's language arts/English teacher's full name.  

4. Each poem must be neatly typed or computer-generated, and have no more than 35 lines including ...

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By: Blog Post | October 07, 2018

Please see link for Russell's Challenges for 2018-2019:

Russell's Challenges 2018-2019

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By: Blog Post | June 23, 2018

SAVE THE DATE!! “Diamonds Crown the Poet In the City Different”, NFSPS 60th Anniversary Annual Convention. Sunday June 23rd through Wednesday, June 26th at the Hotel Santa Fe Hacienda and Saga Inn (2 hotels) Registration is now available at and there is a link on the website to the convention. You may already register at the hotel. The time is different because of the cost of hotels. One hotel, the Saga Inn is less expensive. Website:

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By: Blog Post | May 28, 2018

President — JoAn Howerton,, 901-361-0077

Vice President — Russell Strauss

Treasurer — Leslie Blakeburn,, 901-833-1793

Corresponding/Recording Secretary — Lori Goetz,, 901-753-4385

Parliamentarian — Randy Stoker

Director — Frances Cowden

Director — William Hill

Our poet laureate for 2018/2019 will be Janet Qually.

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By: Blog Post | May 28, 2018

 Month SponsorSubject Form Line Limits
 September Florence Bruce
 Any Serious
 Rondeau As prescribed by form
 $15, 10, 5, 1HM
(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)
 November Lori Goetz
 Any, but must contain at least 5 different colors; get out that thesaurus and be descriptive (don't just use red, blue, green, etc.)
 Any 20 max
 $25, 15, 10
 December JoAn Howerton (to be judged by Crystal Robbins Czerwinski)
 Holiday Theme
 Shakespearean Sonnet
 As prescribed by form
 $25, 15, 10, HM
 January William King
 Any Any 40 max
 $15, 10, 5, HM
 February Russell Strauss
 The title of any Elvis song. Please specify the song.
 Any 10-30 lines
 $15, 10, 5
 March Janet Qually
 Any Blank Verse
 10-40 lines
 $15, 10, 5
 April Sarah Gurley
 Spring Surprise
 None TBD
 May PST-NE Any Any 40 max
 $25, 15, 10

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