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By: Blog Post | May 28, 2018

 Month SponsorSubject Form Line Limits
 September Florence Bruce
 Any Serious
 Rondeau As prescribed by form
 $15, 10, 5, 1HM
(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)(N/A, Festival)
 November Lori Goetz
 Any, but must contain at least 5 different colors; get out that thesaurus and be descriptive (don't just use red, blue, green, etc.)
 Any 20 max
 $25, 15, 10
 December JoAn Howerton (to be judged by Crystal Robbins Czerwinski)
 Holiday Theme
 Shakespearean Sonnet
 As prescribed by form
 $25, 15, 10, HM
 January William King
 Any Any 40 max
 $15, 10, 5, HM
 February Russell Strauss
 The title of any Elvis song. Please specify the song.
 Any 10-30 lines
 $15, 10, 5
 March Janet Qually
 Any Blank Verse
 10-40 lines
 $15, 10, 5
 April Sarah Gurley
 Spring Surprise
 None TBD
 May PST-NE Any Any 40 max
 $25, 15, 10

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By: Blog Post | May 28, 2018


Thomas Waldrip, Shelby Oaks Elementary

Amy Bogdal, teacher

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By: Blog Post | April 01, 2018

The 2018 Poetry Society of Tennessee Annual Contest Brochure is now available at the link below. Members and non-members are welcome! All submittals are due (postmarked) by August 1, 2018. All winners will be announced at PST's 62nd Annual Festival to be held on October 6, 2018. Please see the Contest Brochure for additional contest details. Additional details regarding the Festival will be posted shortly.

2018 Poetry Society of Tennessee Annual Contest Brochure

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By: Blog Post | April 01, 2018

Patriotic Theme

Sponsor and Judge: Janet Qually

Any form, 10-40 lines

1st, Sara Gipson - "For Love of U.S.A."

2nd, Florence Bruce - "Hirohito on MacArthur"

3rd, James "Mac" Perry - "America"

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By: Blog Post | April 01, 2018

"When I'm 64" or "When I Was 64" whichever is appropriate

Sponsor and judge: Russell H. Strauss

Any form. 10-40 lines

1st, Barbara Blanks - "An Oldie But A Goodie"

2nd, Lori Goetz - "Retirement Plans"

3rd, Florence Bruce - "Enchanting Event"

1HM, Sara Gipson - "Celebrating Sixty-Four"

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By: Blog Post | April 01, 2018


Sponsor and Judge: Randy Stoker

20 lines max

1st, Russell H. Strauss - "Elevator Dance"

2nd, Sharon M. Fox - "Crocodile Tears for the Alligator"

3rd, Ann Carolyn Cates - "Fear Factor"

HM, Lori Goetz - "Trapped"

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By: Blog Post | January 06, 2018

"Cleaning House"

20 lines max, Lori Goetz, Sponsor

1st, Ann Carolyn Cates - "Hoarding"
2nd, Russell H. Strauss - "Modern Household Solution"
3rd, Pete Harris - "Christmas Mourn"

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By: Blog Post | November 11, 2017

Remember all monthly contest submittals are due to Pete Harris no later than the 20th of the month.


December - "Cleaning House" 20 Lines max. Lori Goetz, sponsor.

January – Elevators, any/20 lines max. Randy Stoker, sponsor.

February – "When I'm 64" or "When I Was 64" whichever is appropriate. Any form. 10-40 lines. Russell H. Strauss, sponsor.

March – Patriotic Theme, any form. 10-40 lines. Janet Qually, sponsor.

April – Any subject, any rhymed and metered form, 30 lines max. Pete Harris, sponsor.

May - Dorsimbra. Sarah Hull Gurley, sponsor.

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By: Blog Post | November 11, 2017




1. The deadline for Grades 6-12 is December 5, 2017; Elementary and Eye-Poem is February 5, 2018.  No exceptions.

2. The competition is open to all TENNESSE students in grades 2-12. Public, private, and homeschools are eligible.

3. Submit two copies of each poem. Put the division (elementary, junior or senior) in the upper left corner of both copies. One copy must have student's ID in upper right corner. The ID information is student name, school name and address, student grade level, and the student's language arts/English teacher's. No font larger than 12 point should be used.

4. Each poem must be neatly typed o...

By: Blog Post | November 11, 2017

Subject: "Cleaning House"

Form: Any, 20 lines max

Sponsor: Lori Goetz

These need to be sent to Pete Harris by 11/20.

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By: Blog Post | October 15, 2017

The 2016 Mid-South Poetry Festival took place on October 7, 2017

Please click here to see the Winner's List!

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By: Blog Post | July 29, 2017

September - "Humor on the Dance Floor" Any form. 40 lines max. Karen Kestner, sponsor.

November - Any subject. Any form. 40 lines max. William H. King, sponsor.

December - "Cleaning House" 20 Lines max. Lori Goetz, sponsor.

January - Details to be announced. Randy Stoker, sponsor.

February - "When I'm 64" or "When I Was 64" whichever is appropriate. Any form. 10-40 lines. Russell H. Strauss, sponsor.

March - Blank Verse. Any subject. 40 lines max. Janet Qually, sponsor.

April - Details to be announced. Pete Harris, sponsor.

May - Details to be announced. Sarah Hull Gurley, sponsor. 

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By: Blog Post | May 07, 2017

Criteria: Beauty of Nature. Any Form. 40 line limit.

Sponsor: Sarah Hull Gurley

1st: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX - "Of Cabbage Crowns and Dreams"

2nd: Frances Cowden, Cordova, TN - "Searching for Beauty"

3rd: Russell H. Strauss, Memphis, TN - "Late Afternoon Wedding, Hot Springs"

1HM: J. Pompford "Pete" Harris, Memphis, TN - "Bits of Beauty"

2HM: Lori Goetz, Germantown, TN - "One Hundred Wings"

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By: Blog Post | March 30, 2017

don’t fade

Jarvis Johnson, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia Bodgal, teacher

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By: Blog Post | March 26, 2017

Criteria: Any subject. Any Form. 10-40 lines

Sponsor: Beverly Seaton

1st: Russell H. Strauss, Memphis, TN - "Mule Cart"

2nd: Pete Harris, Memphis, TN - "Love of Life"

3rd: Janice Hornburg, Johnson City, TN - "Last Maple"

1HM: Frances Cowden - Cordova, TN "The Spirit Speaks"

2HM: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR - "Finding Peace"

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Russell Strauss has created this opportunity for poets to draft a poem that will be eligible for the National Contest and garner collegial feedback in ample time for revision. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the challenge of the month and bring 10 copies of your poem to the meeting at 1:30 to participate in the peer review.

    TBA (chosen by group leader)
Feb.     #48. Texas: Bedrock, any form, 36
Mar.     #44.  Gingerbread Poets of AR. Appropriate subject, Spoon River, 40

Extra challenge:  #43.  Wyoming.  Any, any, 40.

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Subject: America the Beautiful

Any Form. 40 lines.

Sponsor: Russell Strauss

1st: Janet Qually, Memphis, TN - "Standing Together"
2nd: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX - "Highways"
3rd: Lori Anne Goetz, Germantown, TN - "Wilderness"
1HM: Jeanine Mah, Memphis, TN - "One National Indivisible"
2HM: Gail Denham, Sunriver, OR - "Flying Our Flag"
3HM: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR - "A Land Blessed"

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Criteria: Any Subject. Blank verse. 40 lines.

Sponsored by Janet Qually

1st: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX -“Quilting Memories”

2nd: Sara Gipson, Scott, AR”- From Farm Beginnings”

3rd: Florence Bruce, Memphis –  “Pathological”

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Criteria: Winter Solstice

Any Form. 16 lines.

Sponsor: Lori Goetz

1st: Russell Strauss, Memphis, TN – “Turning”

2nd: Janet Qually, Memphis, TN – “In the Natural Cycle of Time”

3rd: Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX – “Morning Glory”

1 HM: Ann Carolyn Cates, Southaven, MS – “The Longest Night”

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By: Blog Post | March 18, 2017

Criteria: Teaching (any interpretation)

Any form. 30 lines.

Sponsor: Leslie: Blakeburn

1st: “To a First Grade Teacher”  – Sara Gipson, Scott, AR

2nd: “Time Together”  – Charles K.  Firmage, Boise, ID

3rd: “Child Care”  –  Florence Bruce,  Memphis TN

1HM:  “The silence of Leaving”  – Russell H. Strauss, Memphis, TN

2HM:  “ By Example” – Lori Goetz,  Germantown,

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