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By: Blog Post | March 26, 2017


Judge: Whitney Brinkley Wright

1st: Balloon, Ella Gamble, Edmondson Elementary School, A. Long

2nd: A Girlie Girl Color, Allison Totty, Richland Elementary, Louise Clark

3rd: Forest, Trinity Crowder, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia  Bogdal

4th: Tiger, A’Marion Bolden, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia Bogdal

HM: A Forest of Thought, Crosswind Elementary, Mrs. Sludor

HM: Basketball, Tiyana Warren, Shelby Oaks Elementary, Amelia Bogdal

Merit: Eyes,  Alan Cheng, Dogwood Elementary, Michelle Sludor

Middle School:

Judge: Lori Goetz

1st: Ars Poetica, Connor Chockley, Snowden School, Elaine Waters

2nd: Another, Minnathi Reddivari, White Station Middle School, Karla Varriano...